tree of life

Tree of Life

A Tree So stable, so sound, Tranquil as the day. No uproar could remove its stay. Free as a bird flying away, In the same place all day. Happy! How can it be? That a tree so anchored could feel such glee! I wish I was a tree! The Tree of Life has conquered much victory, Through times of racism and bigotry. Hangings galore, The Tree of Life did explore. Succumbed by jealous rites of strength revered. How did the Tree of Life endure hatred so pure? Life of faith and justice foreseen, In God’s Word did the Tree of Life believe. Never denied by racist gleam, Even the poles will seam.

Love healing hearts,

Shirah Chante

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Smiling Couple Enjoying Drinks

Alone with You

Alone With You I am the one standing here forever. I am alone here wanting to be true, Than run away avoiding bad weather. What the hell is wrong with me loving you? It is easier for me to go now. It is easier for me to fly right. It’s easier for you to take a bow. It’s easier to see this through tonight. You want to leave, go, stay, don’t make me cough. I’m too loud too soft too on to get off.

Love healing hearts,

Shirah Chante

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Way to a Man’s Heart

The way to a man’s heart Is not as hard as it seems The truth be known It’s not what you think Some think a sexy dress and stilettos Will get them there You might be a sight for soar eyes But he really doesn’t care How many women have tried To use sex and good looks And material things to get men hooked Well sorry to say That’s not the way To a man’s heart He’ll just fall apart At the seams Or so it seems Like he really cared The sex was so good Even after you said your prayers Well the way to a man’s heart is not east nor west The way to a man’s heart is to give your very best Let him rest in your thoughts He so desires Don’t flatter speak the truth Relentlessly with fire It may seem as though you are Sloughing in the pig mire But oh my God He comes around Not even did he make a sound About the others who tried to look So sexy so slutty those crooks The lies they told so bold All the way to the pot of gold They wanted to dig in But all he did was grin As he shut the door Pulled up his pants and thanked them For another wonderful night Oh yes that’s the widow’s plight Never to marry again This way leads to chagrin Charge the beautiful doe The graceful locks before After the story’s told She walks through the door With the words so noble She’s so different A breath of fresh air At last he can clear the air And not be afraid To let it all out To give a big shout That’s what love is all about See the way to a man’s heart Is to tell the truth Just like Ruth Be there for him Lay the hay straight in the bins Sleep next to his feet Oh you think he stinks That’s why you stay outside eating fodder Thought you were so much hotter No more calls No more texts No more secret sex You wonder why he does not answer Because you simply are his cancer He has just what he needs A heart connection he will heed indeed

Love healing hearts,

Shirah Chante

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Change Transform your mind Change Renew your mind Change In a moment of time Change May not happen Exactly When you want Change Happens everyday Every second Slowly invading the mind of thoughts TV, radio, nooks Oh how media gets us hooked Into its book of life Determining our course Oh must I go that way How wide it is Must be right If everyone gives Well narrow is better Even though it is straight Change Enter the pearly gates

Love healing hearts,

Shirah Chante


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Portrait of a Cheerful Businessman

Bad Boy

Why bad boys Why here why now Why did I ever jump In that stolen car When you first met me You said you got hard I thought it was flattering So I decided to play cards I placed my bet As the smoke filled the air I didn’t know It was to my despair Oh how I would bare My soul to you To the truth I was scared I was frightened I heard a cat meow On the balcony outside 2 Hoping for me Hearing me scream Go ahead hit me Bad boy You treated me like a whore Called me away from the door Locked you wanted some more Even though I was sore I never would abhor I felt sorry for you Your intellect was wasted By the tough life you tasted Why do bad boys Make love so good Oh how I wish I could Take it back Reverse the tide Swim away from that ride But it’s alright I survived Another bad boy Now I thrive

Love healing hearts,

Shirah Chante


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Pies Lies Ties

You may get away with telling a lie, But you will not get away with a lie. A lie grows many wings and things And flies until it lies Down with your neighbor. Whispering hate in her ear All things you ever wanted to hear So you go and tell this vicious behavior. Turns upon your own head, You went to sleep, Yes, made your bed. Now lie in it, Lie on me, Lie on you, Lie on everything. You don’t know the truth anymore, Its escape is past the seashore. Sail away into the mist of utter lies. UPLIFT! Stop this shift! Will you die? Will you continue to lie? Is not your life worth more than a fairytale? Or do you simply want to go to hell. Oh I see, you don’t believe God will take you there. Well he’s already got the keys To open and lock the door as He please. So please I pray intercede for you To show the truth you know How to build the booth to sell those pies, Those lies, those ties are just a disguise. No civility you wild ass of a man. Fry in a pan, oh how the devil ran. Was anyone chasing him? No he just flee Sting like a bumble bee Floating on top the sea.

Love healing hearts,

Shirah Chante

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money tree

Silver, Sapphire, or Gold

Is true love silver, sapphire, or gold? Is true love accepting failures of aspired? How do I know if my true love is near? Rancor through many prospects. Hoping to find the love of my dreams. Is there such a being? Please guide me to unending luminance of love. I feel hope to find … but succumb to despair. Why does love constitute many broken hearts? In order to arrive at the true love destined for in thought. Why not settle for various positive characteristics, Instead of casting this love away? What can I say? There is an undying hope deep within my chest. I am hoping for the best. Is this quest unfathomable? Am I blind to undying faith? Surely faithful belief shall bring me peace. If not, I shall succumb in pain of desire, Of an undying love fueling my ravenous fire. Sure, he is out there! Waiting to pour out his unending love for me. Occurrence proved loves lower degree. My feelings were those of gratitude and ultimate despair. Another love story ends in flares. Unbridled pain and dying dreams, Love eternal exhilarates his themes. Farewell, love of mine. I’m hoping to find unconditional love divine. With a faithful soul so sent for me. For this very goal is undying seas. Should I settle for silver or sapphire or gold? That is the story told so promising and bold. Why do I doubt the existence of the sea? Is it not I in complete destiny! I’m looking for eternal love to share, Making love aware, stable, and fair. Brisk air takes me there, For my eternal love to share.

Love healing hearts,

Shirah Chante

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model 2


Ladies Ladies!

Wait your turn.

Ladies Ladies!

I know you

Want to burn.

We don’t have a churn.

What must we do

With all your fat?

Cast your money in the lot.

Your photos, your ghost.

You may leave.

You may go.

You may stay.

I want to see you

Without your clothes.

No red’s not in.

Neither are your knots.

You monkey bin.

You ugly geese.

I mean, pretty face.

You’re tall.

You’re short.

You’re fat.

You’re tart.

You’re yellow.

You’re green.

I don’t mean to judge.

I don’t want to cause a scene.

Line up in a single file.

If I see your butt,

If I see your smile,

If I see your hips,

I’ll see you now.

Love healing hearts,                                                                                                      Shirah Chante

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Show Love

Show me you love me As we walk through the Bristling beats Whistling down the busy streets Show me you love me As I pick my four leaf clover Sadly I didn’t know it was over Will love come back again Show me you love me Show me then If love is a bush Burn baby burn If love says hush Then I still want some God is love That’s what the Bible say If that’s true How does love Ever go away Is love so free You can’t catch me Floating through the air Parasail over the sea Clouds saying hi Love saying bye No this can’t be Love is love Not leave Show me you love me The greatest of all things Joy and hope in life Love brings Well show me then Show me again Cause I was unaware I could dare Love again I’ll show you I’ll show you then I’ll show you now I’ll show you in the future I’ll show you how I love you

Love healing hearts,

Shirah Chante


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sexy woman

By the Skin of Your Teeth

What’s good and true How foolish are you Roast and die Behind the lie Of lust everlasting When your life is spent And you are bent Don’t come calling On the name That gave you fame That brought you out With a mighty shout That changed your life That ended your strife Now where’s your wife Lying with another man Well you didn’t please her As best you can Cause you were too busy Getting real dizzy Drinking and smoking Constantly joking About this game of life How your emotions Cut like a knife Manipulation So you can play Around on her everyday Now you’re corrupt Lost without hope Now you’re demonic Tie the rope Hanging from the tree How sick can you be Well lust never lasts forever By the skin of your teeth You gain one last favor Before you die Oh how you cry From the mountain high Above the ground Now going around Buy your tickets Buy them well Escape Your flight into hell Why must I evangelize Couldn’t I simply Magnetize Your weak eyes Are too strong To go long So listen up Drink the cup And live

Love healing hearts,                                                                                                          Shirah Chante


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