I want shelter but not trapped in a net I want closeness but I’ve never felt What it’s like to be close yet I don’t want to date you I have no interest You have a family anyway don’t be selfish For God’s sake You’re older now this is a test Of my freedom my freedom rest I want love but not anguish I want a family but not yet I want peace and not battle I want love but not angui...
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People in the Street

Family Riding Bicycles
We were on vacation Dead bodies in the ocean Little boy got a machine gun We just want to have some fun   Uh-oh uh-oh uh-oh Uh-oh uh-oh uh-oh Uh-uh-uh-uh-oh Uh-uh-uh-uh-oh-oh-oh   There’s people in the street People in the street People in the street A big lion has taken over me   Some streets are not gold Most ...
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Free Love

I want to be free with You I want to love You Thank You for a sound mind Where there is no fear Thank You for Your power Thank You for drawing me near I’m not ashamed of the Gospel I’m not ashamed to call Jesus name I’m not ashamed to live holy No I’m not ashamed Take me to Your Spirit Where there is liberty Fill me with Your spirit I want to be free Take me Make me free Take m...
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            You are envious because I really believe In God and spiritual things. I rebuke the spirit of jealousy, Always trying to get the best of me. It’s too late now God set me free, So you must flee your victory. You say you do but you really don’t Love Him. You say you will but you really won’t ...
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Black Magic

black magic
Black magic Is evil. Intentions plan Dissipation, Destruction, Death. The world perceives, Black negatively. Everything evil Must be black, Must be dark, Must part. There is no room, For voodoo doom. There is no church, 98% dirt. Haiti dies, Or is already dead. AIDS kills, AIDS spreads. Black reflects That part of light, To see yourself, To see your spite. You might Change, For...
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Scopes Trial

monkey bars
Intriguing is to me, The evolution of humans and monkeys. Science has proven claims, Religions believe insane. As you ponder into deep relations We seek, Please remain meek. Resist your urge to flee, Information sought and believed. Interpretations are unique. Bleak fascinations are my Discoveries of the Scopes feat. If instinct will not survive, Overriding of the tides. UnresT...
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Spring is Here

solar eclipse 2015
Spring came in this year of 2015 with a magnificent total solar eclipse. My family and I were cruising on a big ship coming back from Mexico. I got up early as usual as I have always been an early riser, waking up before the beautiful break of dawn way before the roosters crow. I quietly crept out of my cabin so I would not awaken my family as I ventured to the upper deck to se...
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God With Me

dr (167)
I ask God for a particular being, This being was beautiful to me. Magnifying my magnificence with Thee, This being came to me in a dream. An elevated experience proves existence. Actuality is more than enough for well being. Thank you Lord for answering my plea, For I am most happy and pleased to see Thee with me. Everything can’t be as I dream, If so, then there would be no dr...
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family resting
Rest I wish I could turn myself inside out, Then you would see my heart, And I know I am just as beautiful as you are. I don’t have long hair, nor am I skinny and tall, but I have a love that conquers all. Maybe you will think I am pretty if I don’t eat. Maybe then you would recognize me, Make my joy complete. Maybe if I was raised in a beautiful family, With riches and materia...
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