Powerful Poetry

Shirah Chante’s use of poetry influences and inspires others to accomplish the vision you have for your organization. Invite Shirah Chante to Speak!  

A Unique Professional Speaker

She presents unique speeches using poetry, songs, and art to portray the message you want. Schedule a time to talk to Shirah Chante!  

The Ideal Speaker and Relationship Coach

Shirah has graced the presence of many influential people in the lives of women and youth who really care about the next generation to do something about their future starting NOW!

Shirah Chante is the ideal professional speaker for your next event.

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Relationship Rock

20 Jun


I want shelter but not trapped in a net I want closeness but I’ve never felt What it’s like to be close yet I don’t want to date you I have no interest You have a family anyway don’t be selfish For God’s sake Y...
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Free Love
24 May

Free Love

I want to be free with You I want to love You Thank You for a sound mind Where there is no fear Thank You for Your power Thank You for drawing me near I’m not ashamed of the Gospel I’m not ashamed to call Jesus...
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15 May


            You are envious because I really believe In God and spiritual things. I rebuke the spirit of jealousy, Always trying to get the best of m...
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Lily Collins' response to Shirah Chante's question about how Lily handles the pressures of Hollywood stardom: "Acting is acting."
I Have a Real Life
Shirah Chante is one of our most delightful and inspiring coaches for our kids that we serve.” ~Sari Ehrenreich, Coordinator
She is a Winner
"I like Ms. Chante because she tells us the truth."  He was happy I could be honest with him even if his drawing wasn't a masterpiece.  
She Tells Us the Truth