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Love God, Love You, and Love People…this is how I end my messages. It’s really the beginning of inspiring, uplifting, and challenging others to spread love in a world of hate.

What do you get when you cross a Relationship Coach with an artist? Why, of course, a Relationship Artist. I heal hearts through the arts using life lessons inspired by my original poetry, songs, creative writing, and paintings to help you CREATE YOUR IDEAL RELATIONSHIP.

How can I help you?

I coach high achieving teens and women including, moms, single and married women, who struggle with reaching their goals while deepening their relationship with others, themselves, and God.

Heal Broken Relationships

I will help you move forward past any area you are stuck in so you can give and receive all the love you deserve and enjoy a happy, successful relationship.

Reach Your Dream Relationship

I will help you reach your dreams, and get what you have always wanted deep down in your heart.

Create Healthy Growing Relationships

I will help you establish the vision for continued prosperity in your current relationship. Become that Proverbs 31 Virtuous Woman if that is what you desire. Excel in your education, career, and life.

Learn to Love Again

I will equip you with proven principles of love so that you can build long lasting relationships while drawing near to God. I will help you understand the true meaning of love. You will overcome current frustrations and learn how to grow farther and faster in love and have more fun in your relationship.



Follow my example, I overcame abusive and broken relationships in my past to achieve successful relationships in my future as a daughter, mother, and wife in that order. I have reached my dream relationship by learning to love again. However, the profound wisdom and excellent skills I have gained through more than 20 years of training and relationship experience came at a high price. I use my hard learned love lessons to create successful relationships that are easy for you.

”   5 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Me   “

  1. I started playing keyboard when I was 12 years old. My mom bought me a keyboard for Christmas, and I taught myself how to play it. I still have the music books that were included: Popular Children’s Songs and 80’s Hits.
  2. I completely changed my diet in 2003, starting with 6 months of being a vegetarian. Then, I gave vegan a try, but that only lasted two months. I never knew how difficult it is not to consume animal products. Phew! Glad that’s over.
  3. I drove across the country by myself three times. Once from New Orleans to Los Angeles, then from Houston to New York. Lastly, from New York to Los Angeles. I love being on the road. It’s meditation time for me.
  4. I fasted for eight days straight once drinking no water and eating no food. It’s called a dry fast and I would not recommend it. I was in a heavy period of fasting in my life, so my body was trained not to eat for long periods of time. I fasted regularly three days a week for 6 months.
  5. I wrote my first song when I was ten years old and taught it to my two cousins who performed in in front of our family with me. The song is called, “I Still Love Him, Love Him Not.” The verse goes, “Oh that boy is so cute, I asked him if he loved me. He said, yes, but I still can’t get no loving from him.”
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Shirah Chante’s Biography

Shirah Chante was reared in Houston, Texas. Due to her excellent academic performance in high school, she was awarded an academic scholarship to Dillard University in New Orleans, LA, which she accepted. In hopes of broadening her college cultural experience, she transferred to Tulane University. While attending college, she was a cheerleader and ran track. Shirah graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology with a minor in Chemistry.

Following her graduation from college, Shirah Chante traveled to Los Angeles, CA taking a year and a half long journey to discover her true desires in life. After a spiritual awakening, she decided to pursue theological studies at Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School in Rochester, NY where she wrote her first novel (currently in the publishing process).

Consequently, she moved back to Los Angeles, CA and began her creative writing pursuits in poetry, songs, and literature. She studied songwriting under two time Oscar winning songwriter Al Kasha while attending The King’s University where she attained a Graduate Certificate in Christian Ministry concentrating on healing and music composition.

While continuing to work on her creative arts, Shirah Chante obtained a successful career in education as a certified school teacher. In an effort to expand her educational skills, she enrolled in an online educational program at Walden University located in Minneapolis, MN where she graduated with a Master of Science in Education focused on Teacher Leadership.

Currently, Shirah Chante is a Relationship Artist healing hearts through the arts. She uses poetry, songs, drawings, and writings to heal broken relationships and solve relationship problems. She is the author of Jaundiced View book of healing poetry. She has overcome abusive intimate relationships in her past to rise above the pain and achieve a bright future for her family and desires to help you to do the same.

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Shirah Chante’s Author Blurb

Shirah Chante is the author of Jaundiced View book of healing poetry. She has been writing poetry as a form of healing broken relationships for over twenty years. Her poetic hand now lends itself to songwriting, painting and creative writing where she passionately pursues healing hearts through the arts. She has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Graduate Certificate in Christian Ministry, and Master of Science in Education. She enjoys spending time with her husband and wonderful children.

Shirah Chante’s Quotes
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