My Mission

Hi, I’m Shirah Chante. I am the author of Jaundiced View, a healing book of poetry that discusses the subjects of desire, love, hate and religion through poetic verse. This book sparks self-awareness and has an emotional dynamic because of the personal nature revealed in each poem. Self-identity is a huge factor for relationship success. When reading the poems in Jaundiced View as a group, you can ascertain the social attributes of its readers by comments you receive, which could benefit the development of self-discovery of the persons involved. You can also decipher your own thoughts and reach a higher level of self-realization through reading these poems.

I am the founder of Transform Totally Academy motivating teens to stay focused while deepening relationships. I am also the founder of University of Palisades

School of Relationship Education whose purpose is to develop healthy dating habits, happy marriages and whole families. You can find more about my schools here. I have been blogging at shirahchante.com since 2013.

My Content

In my spirit, there was a call, and I answered. I decided to take my many years of relationship training and experience and help women and youth win in love and succeed in relationships. My mission is to inspire women who struggle to be healthy, happy, and whole in love to reach their dream relationship. Thus, I write about things pertaining to marriage, dating, parenting, and spirituality.

I also have a weekly podcast called, “Building Relationships That Last.” I cover topics like you see on my blog. I get a little more in depth about personal stories I’ve experienced in hopes of inspiring action that can help you heal in your current relationship. You can subscribe on iTunes here.

My goal for this blog is to consistently write meaningful material that you can use to heal brokenness in relationships, reach your dream, and be completely happy in love. If that sounds like something you want, and you refuse to settle for the status quo in your relationship, then you’re in the right place. I usually post at least three times a week, but sometimes more. You can subscribe to my blog at the top right side of this page and receive email notifications to make sure you don’t miss any blog posts. You can always unsubscribe later if you like.

My Story

shirah chante

I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. I was an excellent student in high school; thus, I was awarded an academic scholarship to Dillard University in New Orleans, LA, which I accepted. In hopes of broadening my college cultural experience, I transferred to Tulane University. While attending college, I was a cheerleader and ran track. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science Psychology major, Chemistry minor.

Following my graduation from college, I traveled to Los Angeles, CA taking a year and a half long journey to discover my true desires in life. After a spiritual awakening, I decided to pursue theological studies at Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School in Rochester, NY where I wrote a memoir about my experiences in Los Angeles (currently in the publishing process).

After a year in divinity school, I decided to move back to Los Angeles, CA and began my creative writing pursuits in poetry, songs, and literature. I studied songwriting under two time Oscar winning songwriter Al Kasha while attending The King’s University where I attained a Graduate Certificate in Christian Ministry concentrating on healing and music composition.

While continuing to work on my creative arts, I obtained a successful career in education as a certified school teacher. In an effort to expand my educational skills, I enrolled in an online educational program at Walden University located in Minneapolis, MN where I graduated with a Master of Science in Education majoring in Teacher Leadership.

Currently, I am a Relationship Coach, Transformatiomal Leadership Speaker and Artist healing hearts through the arts. I use life lessons from my poetry, songs, drawings, and writings to heal broken relationships and solve relationship problems. I overcame abusive and broken relationships in my past both in childhood and adulthood to rise above the pain and achieve a bright future for my family. Much of my work is focused on healing the abused in life as a result of my desire to share the methods I used to heal with others who want to heal from abuse as well. 

My Contact Info

You can contact me via e-mail: shirah@shirahchante.com, connect with me on LinkedIn, like my Facebook Page, or follow me on Twitter.