Bad Boy

Why bad boys Why here why now Why did I ever jump In that stolen car When you first met me You said you got hard I thought it was flattering So I decided to play cards I placed my bet As the smoke filled the air I didn’t know It was to my despair Oh how I would bare My soul to you To the truth I was scared I was frightened I heard a cat meow On the balcony outside Hoping for me Hearing me scream Go ahead hit me Bad boy You treated me like a whore Called me away from the door Locked you wanted some more Even though I was sore I never would abhor I felt sorry for you Your intellect was wasted By the tough life you tasted Why do bad boys Make love so good Oh how I wish I could Take it back Reverse the tide Swim away from that ride But it’s alright I survived Another bad boy Now I thrive

Love healing hearts,

Shirah Chante


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