By the Skin of Your Teeth

What’s good and true How foolish are you Roast and die Behind the lie Of lust everlasting When your life is spent And you are bent Don’t come calling On the name That gave you fame That brought you out With a mighty shout That changed your life That ended your strife Now where’s your wife Lying with another man Well you didn’t please her As best you can Cause you were too busy Getting real dizzy Drinking and smoking Constantly joking About this game of life How your emotions Cut like a knife Manipulation So you can play Around on her everyday Now you’re corrupt Lost without hope Now you’re demonic Tie the rope Hanging from the tree How sick can you be Well lust never lasts forever By the skin of your teeth You gain one last favor Before you die Oh how you cry From the mountain high Above the ground Now going around Buy your tickets Buy them well Escape Your flight into hell Why must I evangelize Couldn’t I simply Magnetize Your weak eyes Are too strong To go long So listen up Drink the cup And live

Love healing hearts,                                                                                                          Shirah Chante

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