Conditional Love

Love all the time

That’s my problem

My love is conditional

Depending on how I feel

I don’t have to hug you

If I don’t want to

I don’t have to kiss you

Good night

If you don’t like it

Take the next flight

To London, Australia,

Yugoslavia or Sweden

Where you dwelt in

The Garden of Eden

God loves everybody

Not just you

God saves lives

And that’s the truth

Pride caught me

Lying to you

Well the morning

Stops the charade

Of another day

Love comes to play

Wasting time

All the way

To Heavenville

Will I make it

Can I take those pills

I don’t want another baby

I surrender everything

To you

So true

My only first love

Unconditional Jesus

Please save us

Love healing hearts,

Shirah Chante 

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