I walked through the park on a hot summer day,

Looking about for someone to play,

Fantasies in my mind.

I looked down at the ground.

I saw something raw.

Quickly I stepped on a blue ball.

No idea I had it was an egg.

A blue robin’s egg cracked to death. 

I am so sorry for my jest.

I had a dog, a Dobie, Cherub.

I wanted to move her away from motherhood.

And fights, brawls and unpleasantness of all kind.

For a better life I hoped she would find.

Cloister the uterus, tie it up well.

I don’t want her to die a mother’s death.

Oh know! When the doctor did call.

Suddenly I wanted to bawl for the dog was carrying little pups.

Pups dead at the scene.

Irreversible so it seems like death of life for me.

I was cursed by my infertile mind,

Or was it my impulsiveness or my fear or my wine?

I don’t want to bring life to this kind.

Now I have changed my mind.

I dream in my bed of a husband fed by my belly full of his seed.

I am finally happy and pleased.

The fruit of our marriage is good and beautiful.

Perhaps I will bring life in the end and not kill robins or pups or kid.

For now is the time for dancing labor pains.

Love will make me fertile once again.

Love healing hearts,

Shirah Chante

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