God Made Sex for Marriage

Molested Soul

I published a poetry reading I recorded about three years ago for my poem titled Molested Soul, click here to watch it. This poem is featured in my upcoming book of poetry called “Jaundiced View.”

Molested soul is a transforming poem to those who read it. I inquire about what sex really is. What is sex good for or is it good at all? I am a survivor of sexual assault, and sometimes when a person is violated in this way, sexual lines of appropriateness get blurred.

My main confusion was in thinking that sex is love, which it is not. SEX is not LOVE!!!!! No way, no how! If sex was love, then sexual partners would stay together forever, and we know that is not the case, with all of the loose societal sexual norms we have created which have resulted in many broken families speaking otherwise.

Sex is special, so special that God created sex for a very exclusive group, married people. Sex is a consummation of love in marriage. Sex is only to be enjoyed within a marital relationship. If you really want to benefit from the amazing gift of sex, follow God’s natural laws and have sex in marriage only.

If you are currently in a relationship were you are sexually active but not married, I would ask you to examine your heart. Do you really love the person you’re having sex with or is it just lust? If it is real love you share with your partner, perhaps, it’s time to talk about marriage. If you really love each other, marriage is the right step to take next. God will bless your righteousness!

Love healing hearts,

Shirah Chante

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