God Speaks for Us

Do you need God’s power to work in your life? God gives us His power in so many ways so that we can be successful in this world. A gift is no use unless we use it. If someone told me I have a million dollars in a bank account they set up for me, and I say thank you but never withdraw the money to put it to practical use, then I don’t reap the benefits of possessing the money. Screen Shot 03-03-16 at 05.37 PM

Two weeks ago, I posted a video letter called Power in Genesis. I was led by the Holy Spirit to study power in the Bible. I believe the Lord led me to this study because I need the power of God in my life. I decided to do a topical study of the word power in each of the 66 books of the Bible from beginning to end. Seeing how God’s power works is already completely fascinating. Please take time to listen to “Power in Genesis” and tell me what you think about God’s power.

I have learned that God speaks for us when we are obeying Him. It is so awesome to have the most holy God speak on our behalf. Wow! Also, God gives us the ability to work and be prosperous in life. The example was Jacob’s accrual of cattle while working on his father-in-law’s land.

Power can be misrepresented and abused if the power who is wielding the power does not have the fear of God. For instance, Jacob’s father-in-law Laban had full intentions to do harm Jacob for leaving his land with all of his family and cattle he acquired. Laban wanted Jacob to keep working for him, but God spoke to Laban and told him not to harm Jacob. So, Laban let Jacob go home to his father’s country.

As I continue my study of power in the Bible, please join me. Let’s continue to explore how power works in our lives so that we can learn to wield the power the Lord has so graciously given us.

Love healing hearts,

Shirah Chante