God With Me

I ask God for a particular being, This being was beautiful to me. Magnifying my magnificence with Thee, This being came to me in a dream. An elevated experience proves existence. Actuality is more than enough for well being. Thank you Lord for answering my plea, For I am most happy and pleased to see Thee with me. Everything can’t be as I dream, If so, then there would be no dream with me. I could not perceive reality, Only if it was desolate to me. So I see Thee as need, Want is entirely different indeed, Have as much as you heed, And love in Thee spiritually. God gave Thee to me, But I did not grasp Thee indeed. Please do forgive me, For seeking pleasure without Thee. Cell endings and white lies Proves only God knows my cries. Love healing hearts, Shirah Chante Listen to “God With Me” poetry podcast, click one of the links below: God with Me poetry podcast on Buzzsprout God With Me poetry podcast on iTunes Watch “Do You Want a Great Marriage” on youtube