Halloween is SCARY

witch, witchcraftIn middle school, I remember dressing up as a witch with my long, straight black hair teased to perfection, flowing from underneath my pointy hat. I was ready to go trick or treat, knocking door to door with friends and family and get lots of candy. I had a real sweet tooth! It was all very innocent, or was it?

This past weekend, I asked the Lord what I should do for Halloween. I want to do what’s pleasing to my Heavenly Father. We had two invites to trick or treat with friends, but I really wanted to know if I should go. “I don’t really celebrate Halloween,” I thought.  “Is going to trick or treat acceptable to God? I mean, it’s just candy.

prayer, pray, prayer warriorAs I was seeking the Lord about what to do on Halloween, I received an answer, but it wasn’t quite the answer I wanted to hear. It was a message about a prayer vigil on Halloween from Enrique (you can listen to the message). Don’t get me wrong, I love prayer and consider myself a prayer warrior, but he also said, “Please do not to partake in the works of darkness.” I mean, is trick or treating partaking in darkness?

I still wasn’t convinced. My stubbornness was getting the best of me. It was the iniquity in me I tell you, my idolatry of Halloween and all it’s spookiness, parties, and yes, CANDY!!!!!! I kept asking God what I should do. Should I go to the Halloween party my family was invited to? What do I do? Lord, tell me please. 

prayer, pray, prayer warrior

Well, this morning, I was listening to “The Dani Johnson Show.” Dani is one of my most favorite mentors. I love her and God bless her for this message, The SCARY Truth About Halloween! She told me exactly what I needed to hear about Halloween. I was convinced and convicted of my stubbornness by the Spirit of God after listening to this show.

I decided that I would no longer entertain celebrating anything or doing any activity that was related to Halloween. Child sacrifice, are you kidding me?!!!! HELL, NO! I will not partake in the darkness of Halloween now or ever again. I hate the innocent killing of babies called abortion (aka child sacrifice). How could I continue to act like Halloween was just about candy and treats? Well, the tricks on you and your children if you participate in this evil, wicked, dark holiday. baby shirah chante

“I call heaven and earth as witnesses today against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life, that both you and your descendants may live;” (Deuteronomy 30:19).


Love healing hearts,
Shirah Chante

Shirah Chante is a Relationship Artist healing hearts through the arts. She uses her original poetry, songs, paintings, and writings to heal broken relationships. Learn more about Shirah Chante.

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