Jaundiced View

I started writing poetry when I was a junior at college attending Tulane University. Jaundiced View is my first and most heartfelt  book of poetry. I call the poems in this book “late night poetry” because many of them were written late at night while I was sitting in my study in front of my laptop computer pouring my heart out while feeling intense emotions. Other poems in this book came about when I was taking a sabbatical in life finding myself and my purpose in this crazy world. I hope you enjoy this poetry and discover yourself as well. Buy the book here!

Here’s a more formal description of Jaundiced View book of poetry:

Jaundiced View is a collection of poetry for self-discovery dealing with the pain of love, loss, abuse, and recovery.
The book is divided into four chapters that form a sentence of significance. Desire love hate religion. This is the wisdom of the world seen through the eyes of spirituality. Jaundiced View takes readers on a journey of healing through the lens of life experiences, some good, some bad, some happy, some sad. Get ready to run the gamut of emotions available for you, bringing spiritual uplift in a time of world delusion.

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