Pies Lies Ties

You may get away with telling a lie, But you will not get away with a lie. A lie grows many wings and things And flies until it lies Down with your neighbor. Whispering hate in her ear All things you ever wanted to hear So you go and tell this vicious behavior. Turns upon your own head, You went to sleep, Yes, made your bed. Now lie in it, Lie on me, Lie on you, Lie on everything. You don’t know the truth anymore, Its escape is past the seashore. Sail away into the mist of utter lies. UPLIFT! Stop this shift! Will you die? Will you continue to lie? Is not your life worth more than a fairytale? Or do you simply want to go to hell. Oh I see, you don’t believe God will take you there. Well he’s already got the keys To open and lock the door as He please. So please I pray intercede for you To show the truth you know How to build the booth to sell those pies, Those lies, those ties are just a disguise. No civility you wild ass of a man. Fry in a pan, oh how the devil ran. Was anyone chasing him? No he just flee Sting like a bumble bee Floating on top the sea.

Love healing hearts,

Shirah Chante

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