Request from God

One day when I was at church standing at the altar to pray, the Lord spoke to my spirit and told me to help people have right relationships. He showed me a man who was spreading lies and junk about dating that was leading many people astray, and the Lord told me to come against this spirt of error in relationships by teaching biblical principles.

I was like Jonah caught in the belly of the whale, I said, “How can I teach another? I have not had the best relationships myself. But the Lord answered me and said that I could teach them what I have learned through my failures and subsequent success. So, then I surrendered my heart to the Lord.

I started “Relationship Rock” as a way to give quick, helpful advice for people in romantic relationships or desiring dating relationships. Relationship Rock has expanded to a poetry podcast and video teaching about how to apply biblical principles in relationships that occur between couples, families, friends, and even co-workers.

You can listen and subscribe to the poetry podcast on buzzsprout or iTunes. The videos for relationship help are on my YouTube channel “ShirahChanteTV” listed under the playlist “Relationship Rock. Building Relationships That Last!”

Love healing hearts,

Shirah Chante

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