Show Love

Show me you love me As we walk through the Bristling beats Whistling down the busy streets Show me you love me As I pick my four leaf clover Sadly I didn’t know it was over Will love come back again Show me you love me Show me then If love is a bush Burn baby burn If love says hush Then I still want some God is love That’s what the Bible say If that’s true How does love Ever go away Is love so free You can’t catch me Floating through the air Parasail over the sea Clouds saying hi Love saying bye No this can’t be Love is love Not leave Show me you love me The greatest of all things Joy and hope in life Love brings Well show me then Show me again Cause I was unaware I could dare Love again I’ll show you I’ll show you then I’ll show you now I’ll show you in the future I’ll show you how I love you

Love healing hearts,

Shirah Chante


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