Sow a Seed

Fertile are the days, years, months Fertile are the times, too undone By your love for me Is no mystery For your love for humanity Has to be Welcome you see To grow a seed In your belly Flows living waters Grow til you can’t stop Until you burst out Breakthrough some say I say hooray For today is a brighter day As I lay alone And sing my song I’m thankful for my poem I’m thankful for God I’m thankful for you And the zoo Well who can ever tell If it does any good Or if its just another Cage of lust Waiting to take its stand Before the man The sun so grand Who will be able to stand In His light Who tell me For them I might die But I don’t think so I’d rather live to give And give and give My life away Whose to say I could make a brighter day

Love healing hearts,

Shirah Chante

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