ScreenShotHear What Brilliant Professionals Say About Shirah Chante

“Add to that her teaching credentials, Master of Science in Education, Bachelor of Science in Psychology along with her writing abilities, she is a winner!”  (Sari Ehrenreich)

Shirah has graced the presence of many influential people in the lives of women and youth who really care enough about the next generation to do something about their future starting NOW! Here are a few of the testimonials about Shirah’s expertise. 

“My name is Sari Ehrenreich a long time business owner of an Interior Design Practice in Pacific Palisades, CA. When I met Shirah Chante, I was very impressed with her competence and her warm helpful demeanor. In the past two years I have been developing a business model where I create party events for foster children and other at risk youth, and introduce them to outstanding business professionals and motivational coaches. Shirah Chante is one of our most delightful and inspiring coaches for our kids that we serve.” (Sari Ehrenreich, Interior Designer, Beverly Hills Women’s Club Youth Event Coordinator)

“I have had the pleasure of sharing time with Shirah Chante as she worked with youngsters that have come from various difficult backgrounds.  She resonates so well with each child reaching out to them on their level.  Her manner is patient and understanding.  Because of Shirah’s positive manner and uplifting personality, the young people pay close attention to her guiding words.  Shirah is a perfect mentor for those who need her positive influence in their lives.” (Ann Hastings, Former Toastmasters International Director)

“I was able to witness her abundant passion for today’s youth.  Immediately upon meeting her, it was evident that simply being around the young ladies energized her soul.  It was truly a pleasure serving with her, and the mentees were obviously encouraged by her tenacity and engaging nature.  Shirah clearly loves to encourage our younger generation and help them reach beyond their potential.” (Joy Williams, Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher, Mentor)

“I found her to be kind, respectful and able to have a great connection to our guests. She was able to get the girls to feel comfortable and to open up to her. I find that this is such an important asset when working with the youth. I feel she would benefit youth in the positive way they need. Her smile also lit up the room. This is such an important attribute.” (Estee Bienstock, RN, Executive Director, Allpoint Home Health)

Shirah Knows How to Talk with Women and Youth


When Shirah Chante served as a Career Mentor at the Beverly Hills Women’s Club she asked Lily Collins star of the movie “Mirror Mirror” how she handles the atmosphere of being a famous Hollywood actor, Lily opened up to Shirah’s sincerity and answered her with a witty response. 

Lily is much grounded in her Hollywood success and is an inspiration to youth today!

“Acting is acting and the real world is the real world. When I am acting, I am playing a character that exists in the movie, and when I am not acting, I have a real life.”

Lily Collins, Star of Mirror Mirror, plays Snow White

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