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Shirah Chante is a Transformational Leader. Rising from an adverse background to graduate from high school with an academic scholarship, graduated from college and graduate school, become an author, speaker, poet, singer & relationship coach. Shirah motivates women and youth to overcome every obstacle and achieve great success!

Transformational leaders inspire organizations and their members by partnering to impart growth and change through community engagement. Transformational leaders ignite the vision of the organization they serve by bringing the values essential to fulfill the vision to the forefront of the heart and mind of its members. From her first poetry recital as valedictorian of her pre-school throughout her college and career, Shirah has lived the transformation that people undoubtedly experience in our changing world. The individual attention she places on success in career, education and life using intellectual constructs that reach toward the ideal outcome in any situation motivates others to take part in improving themselves, in turn improving the organization.

Transformational Power of Poetry

Poetry is known for its inspirational qualities, vivid use of language and eloquent tone of speech. Poetry invokes the spirit of an organization to come alive, filling the atmosphere of your school, church or business with your mission and values.

Shirah Chante’s use of poetry influences the ideal individual and inspires the intellect to accomplish the vision you have for your organization. Don’t be surprised if after she speaks to your students, staff or members, you begin to use poetry in your organization to help bring the transformation you desire for your institution to fruition.

Graduates Lifting Mortarboards --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis
“Writing poetry helped me graduate from college!” ~Shirah Chante

“I leave you with a short verse of poem I wrote titled Win: Victory escapes! Time awakes. The wind cries, Win! I shall win.”

~Shirah Chante

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