Way to a Man’s Heart

The way to a man’s heart Is not as hard as it seems The truth be known It’s not what you think Some think a sexy dress and stilettos Will get them there You might be a sight for soar eyes But he really doesn’t care How many women have tried To use sex and good looks And material things to get men hooked Well sorry to say That’s not the way To a man’s heart He’ll just fall apart At the seams Or so it seems Like he really cared The sex was so good Even after you said your prayers Well the way to a man’s heart is not east nor west The way to a man’s heart is to give your very best Let him rest in your thoughts He so desires Don’t flatter speak the truth Relentlessly with fire It may seem as though you are Sloughing in the pig mire But oh my God He comes around Not even did he make a sound About the others who tried to look So sexy so slutty those crooks The lies they told so bold All the way to the pot of gold They wanted to dig in But all he did was grin As he shut the door Pulled up his pants and thanked them For another wonderful night Oh yes that’s the widow’s plight Never to marry again This way leads to chagrin Charge the beautiful doe The graceful locks before After the story’s told She walks through the door With the words so noble She’s so different A breath of fresh air At last he can clear the air And not be afraid To let it all out To give a big shout That’s what love is all about See the way to a man’s heart Is to tell the truth Just like Ruth Be there for him Lay the hay straight in the bins Sleep next to his feet Oh you think he stinks That’s why you stay outside eating fodder Thought you were so much hotter No more calls No more texts No more secret sex You wonder why he does not answer Because you simply are his cancer He has just what he needs A heart connection he will heed indeed

Love healing hearts,

Shirah Chante

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