What I Learned from My Dad

When I was leaving Los Angeles to move back to Houston after a devastating end to a horrible relationship, my Dad told me, “You need to find a good black man.” You need to find a good black man. Click To Tweet

I thought, “A good black man. Huh, why does he have to be black?”

I am a black woman, but I have never discriminated in who I dated. I’ve dated Black, White, Latino, Persian, Arab, and African. Up until that point in my life, none of those relationships worked.

So, I kept my Dad’s advice in the back of my mind.

Fast forward fifteen years, after more years of trial and error dating various guys I thought I would make good mates, I finally found the man of my dreams.

Just figure, he happened to be a good black man. He’s not perfect, but I believe deep down inside he has a good heart.

I wasn’t intentionally following my Dad’s advice to marry a good black man, it seemed to just happen that way once I submitted my desire to discover the love of my dreams to my Heavenly Father.

See, I had grown really close to God during my years of broken relationships and tried my best to follow godly principles in dating because I truly believed that I would find the one for me.

And it happened…I found the one for me following my heart and my Dad’s advice.

Your story may be different. Your Dad’s advice may be different than mine because we are all unique.

However, I do believe a Dad’s advice is essential in a child’s life.

We should do better to follow our Dad’s advice more often.

Happy Father’s Day!

Love healing hearts,

Shirah Chante

PS – Tell me your Dad’s advice for you. Leave a comment below.


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