You’re Worthy

Worthy is a concept that has gained mass frequency in everyday language. You could say the word worthy has become very popular as I witnessed one of my favorite artists India Arie sing her song Breathe wearing a t-shirt that says “WORTHY”. What does it mean exactly to be worthy?

When I looked up the word worthy in the Merriam Webster’s dictionary, it says having worth or value, honorable. Worth denotes monetary value or value based on qualities or esteem of some super sort.

What are we worthy of? There is a great need to finish this sentence, I’m worthy of/to/because…

Let’s see, school systems value students based on academic, athletic, or artistic capabilities. Do awards, recognition and fame signify worth? If so, what happens to the child left alone, who’s not very popular, nor does she have many friends? Is she not worthy?

What makes one worthy? There must be a universal law of worth that all humanity can vouch to live by.

I remember graduating from college much perplexed by the esteem of life. “Is this all there is,” I thought. Just go to school, graduate college, get a job, get married, get divorced, get married, have children and die? I mean, that sounds good, but I am looking for something more than that. There must be more to life than happily ever after…

My search went on for a life worth living. Yes, I wanted to be someone who changed the world, who accomplished great exploits. Who traveled the world and the seven seas like the Eurythmics sang. Now that would make me worthy and make life worth living.

Where was this life, and how could I achieve it? Everyone would love me then when I became the greatest person in the world, saving everyone from pain and death. I know, if I could just fast for 21 days like Gandhi or be an eloquent speaker like Martin Luther King. What about be a brilliant songwriter like Bob Dylan or write poetry like Maya Angelou or paint like Akiane?

Yes, that’s it! Then I would be worthy. Oh, and I tried and tried and cried and lied and boy did I ride

But none could seem to grasp, no none could seem to grasp your star, His star, the Star of David.

I’m not talking about the image on the flag of Israel. I’m talking about the King of Israel, the Savior of the whole world. What’s his name? And what’s His Son’s name? If you know.

Love healing hearts,

Shirah Chante




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