All is Vanity

My mama said money don’t grow on trees I said I wish it did cause it answers all things Said a wise man with a thousand wives They loved him until his demise Mama don’t you cry Mama wipe your eyes Mama don’t you grieve All is vanity My daddy said don’t call me Charles Marry a good black man But all I want is to play my guitar And sing my pain away All those things I never could say Daddy don’t you cry Daddy wipe your eyes Daddy don’t you grieve All is vanity Well there’s nothing new under the sun Your mama don’t love me no more The grass is greener on Indian shores Julie don’t love a black man Julie said but I’m in love with him Julie don’t you cry Julie wipe your eyes Julie don’t you grieve All is vanity Madea said be a good girl Listen to your mama Don’t cause no trouble I said I hate you You know it’s not my fault I’m so sorry with all my heart Girl don’t you cry Girl wipe your eyes Girl don’t you grieve All is vanity

Love healing hearts,

Shirah Chante

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