Awesome Birthday

Wow! It’s awesome that I will be 40 years young in just a few days. I thank God for my life for He is the way, the truth and the life. I AM so happy that I met Him as a young girl, and grateful that I still know Him now.


I remember always loving the Lord as a young child and getting baptized at twelve years old. As a result of my baptism, I received a powerful boost from the Holy Ghost to conquer my devils, and I have been fighting devils ever since and winning every battle in the name of Jesus. I suffered a lot of abuse in childhood at the hands of evil men, but my God delivered me from every evil, perverse, and foul spirit that tried to destroy me, and now I AM helping women and youth do the same. Praise God for his awesome faithfulness.

Twenties-Dark vs Light

This period started out very dark but ended extremely light. I went through a phase were I doubted even the very existence of God, I thought, “Why is my life like this? Why am I so miserable if You love me and if You’re real?” Why God?” Have any of you ever asked God why? It’s a very human response to an awesome God who hears our every cry. Yes, God did answer me in a big way as I took a spiritual journey that ended in a lifelong devotion to the Heavenly Father.

Thirties-Here Comes the Bride

It’s time for me to get married. After suffering through a failed relationship with the biological father of my newborn son, I realized that I needed a husband, but was I ready to be a wife? The answer is not at all. So, I began to prepare myself to be a wife as I prayed diligently to God to bring me a husband. The Lord is awesomely faithful and eventually brought me to my husband who happened to be a very close friend of mine in high school. Our relationship was miraculous from the beginning and God continues to guide our hearts towards one another as we grow closer to Him.

Forties-Here I Come

Well, thank you Awesome Father for allowing me to live this long, and thank you for every bit of my life, the pain and sorrow, joy and laughter and the trials and triumphs to come. Here’s to fantastic forty! Take a toast with me.

Love healing hearts,

Shirah Chante

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