I love writing! I was inspired to write my first book, a novel, when I was a student at Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School. I kept telling so many people about my story I experienced while living in Los Angeles, California, and finally, a friend told me that I should write it down. So, I took her advice, and sat down and started writing out my adventures in life. I remember that cold and lonely dormitory where I sat down at a wooden desk in my dorm room to write my first novel. It was Christmas break, and all the other students had gone home for the holidays. I was literally the only person there since I chose to stay in Rochester that year to have my very first White Christmas. Since then, I have written devotionals, children’s books, and a self-help book series. Now, it’s time to publish them so that I can bless the hearts and souls of humankind with the words of a ready writer given to me by my Father God. Frequent this page often so that you will be made aware of my books as I publish them.

The Adventures of Sam Marty: Sam Discovers the Scary Truth About Halloween



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