I love writing! I was inspired to write my first book, a novel, when I was a student at Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School. I kept telling so many people about my story I experienced while living in Los Angeles, California, and finally, a friend told me that I should write it down. So, I took her advice, and sat down and started writing out my adventures in life. I remember that cold and lonely dormitory where I sat down at a wooden desk in my dorm room to write my first novel. It was Christmas break, and all the other students had gone home for the holidays. I was literally the only person there since I chose to stay in Rochester that year to have my very first White Christmas. Since then, I have written devotionals, children’s books, and a self-help book series along with my collections of poetry that started me on the wonderful path to writing books.

About Streaked Speckled Spotted Publishing

I am Shirah Chante, author at Streaked Speckled Spotted Publishing. I love writing as a way to express myself and relate to others who may be feeling the same way I do. I like pulling readers into my story as I unravel the complexities of life relationships making the monumental mountains mini molehills, carefully scraping away at the rusty part of dating, marriage, parenting, and spirituality. Now, it’s time to publish them so that I can bless the hearts and souls of humankind with the words of a ready writer given to me by my Father God. Frequent this page often and subscribe to this blog so that you will be made aware of my books as I publish them. Join me in this parade of fun fancy titles that will whet your appetite for more words, paragraphs, pages, books for you to read, enjoy, and find yourself..or just sit back and relax while reading.

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