Human Hierarchy Victory

And so began the fall. A new season arrives as the promise ties. The man blames the woman. The woman blames the serpent. The serpent has no one to blame but instead slithers to his grave. 

Domestic violence came to tame the woman who made man work as hard as he can. Oh, excuse me, Adam, you sinner, you whiner. You did take voluntarily. You chose to eat me and oh how it felt good. Roaming through your neighborhood. Molesting your children, raping your wives. Oh it is you, I despise.

See, I want to be like you, one with God. I want to have the power of the eternal Lord. I will be like the Most High so I said but instead I lie in my sickbed. Drunk with the flesh of kids, wine, women and yes, I did. Take you to hell to celebrate with me the sweet victory of my masterpiece.

Not a canvas of art but fart and limestone all over your face. The most disgusting or shall I say disguising of the human race. Embrace me with bitter renown. Wearing their crown falling down to the ground. To the bitter abyss, the fiery hell. No one can tell the rate of the spell. Overtaking humanity. Yes, I have accomplished my dream to overtake this human hierarchy.

Love healing hearts, Shirah Chante

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