I Like it Like That

Drinking and smoking wasn’t my lot in life…until I entered college.

Really, I never even tasted liquor before college. However, I do remember trying to smoke a cigarette once in grade school, but like Clinton, I didn’t inhale.

I was delivered from marijuana and wine before I entered divinity school. I thought it only proper, not that there are not ministers who smoke. I’m sure there are, but smoking was never something I wanted to do long term. It just doesn’t fit into my persona.

Anyway, although, in this podcast I talk some about my misadventures in smoking, the real adventure was my drive across the country.

Do you like road trips? What was the longest road trip you’ve taken? Who went with you? Leave a comment below.

This particular road trip was a loner for me, but I like it like that, reminds of that song by Bob Marley.

You should know by now….

Love healing hearts, Shirah Chante

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