Marriage is a Beautiful Thing

Marriage is a beautiful thing. Marriage is a covenant created by God between man and woman. When done right, marriage can be so beautiful, so fulfilling and so lovely. When done wrong, marriage can be heartbreaking, destiny destroying and result in terrible grief.

I waited for a long time to get married. First, I wanted to get married at 27 years old. At 30, I met someone who I thought would fit the bill as a husband for me, but I was terribly wrong.

So, I went on a five year long journey to figure out what marriage meant to me and how to be a good wife. You can call that marriage preparation. I listened to countless teachings on marriage, read marriage books and prayed for a good husband.

Much to my surprise, when I was 35, God called me to help His people with relationships, especially marriage. Not ever having being married before, I didn’t think I was qualified. Plus, my past relationships didn’t have the best record. Even though, my high school boyfriend and I did win best couple.

Anyway, I accepted the call and now am a Relationship Coach. I married in 2014 on a beautiful island, but unfortunately it ended due to my husband’s unfaithfulness.

Yes, it was sad. But don’t worry, I’m over it. I’ve always had a high threshold for pain. I’m actually happy now that I’m free.

In pursuit to seeing you succeed in your marriage, I am offering a training called “The Case for Marriage” on my new show Shirah Chante Live. It will occur on my Facebook page Wednesday night, November 8, 2017 at 9:15pm CST. You can click here for the link to join.

I will give you some practical points based on biblical principles why it is fortunate to be a bride. I have some hard evidence on the case for marriage, pros and cons and a little bit in between. I’ll be sharing some mistakes that I made that you should definitely avoid if you want a successful marriage. Also, some things I did right that will benefit your relationship.

Marriage truly can be all you dreamed with God’s help.

Love healing hearts, Shirah Chante

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