Poem: Thinking

Well, I thought thinking was smart.

Now I know the name beneath

This swooning cocoon.

Money is nice.

Time is not.

Less I command

This eloquent spot.

By evening drop

Two days to naught.

I will live less a drought.

I know I am shallow.

I know I am aware.

How do I dare

Ask for what I cannot bear?

To a grizzly I am salmon

To a monkey I am hair

To an elephant I am graceful.

To you I am there.

Part-time again,

Relieving my spare time

That is greatly agreed

Most devastatingly moving

At a most dastardly speed.

Please heed my request to thee.

Thank you greatly.

I apologize for this overwhelming tide;

However, I cannot abide full-time.

My original schedule I do need.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday abide in me,

Like Jesus my Savior indeed.

Please accept my apology.

I am able and keep responsibility

Granted me.


Love healing hearts, Shirah Chante

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