Relationship 101

Boy, I wish I had this class in high school. How to date, how to be friends with a boy without having sex with him, how to be married, what to want in a relationship and at what time are just a few of the questions I would want answered.

Though we might have different beliefs, I’m sure that a general description of how not to mess up a perfectly good friendship with sex could be valuable to the atheist and to the Christian.

Well, you live and you learn is what they say. There is some truth that. Learning from experience is very valuable, but I think my experience would have better results if I knew a thing or two about the subject matter.

So, I decided to right the wrongs of our society as it pertains to learning about relationships through the use poetry, songs, and creative writings. Inspiration goes a long way to start a good conversation about why we really aren’t ready to have sex right now. So here goes…

Let love not ebb.

And now my love I do love thee.

And I can show you how well I love thee.

Do you dare to see?

Come with me.

Do not be afraid.

Rejection recedes

With presence of thee.

I do,

Feel secure.

You do,

Bare me,

And my love,

And my peace.

My faith could save thee,

If you let me open your heart.

The closeness we share will resist the time apart.

Lead with your heart.

Divinity is outrageously sought.

Destiny is underway for you and me.

This poem is in my book of poems Jaundiced View if you like it, you can buy it. I am also creating a course to correct the ills of our lack of relationship training. The name of my course is Relationship 101. Fill out the form below to get more information about it.

Love healing hearts, Shirah Chante

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