Salary History

History of working salaries, For me is not too extreme. The start of my tremendous career, I do hold very dear. For merest allowance you see, Was readily available to me. I was sailing in the cupidity Of monetary seeds. Alas, the tides grew stronger, Defending my reputation of enduring graduation. For as my education increased, So did my prosperous gains. Which remained two dollars more For me to explore the world of benefits along my shore. Yes indeed! My scholarship succeeds. Propagating voracious waves from polite society, Bound by my diversity. Absolutely! Ten dollars per hour initially Prevailed the erudite tides Of psychological degrees. Avoidance of a Titanic freeze or, Andrea Doria weeps entitles me to flourish, Twelve dollars per hour! So not to perish… Among the lost souls of sinking woes. But to sail once again, In hopes of victorious winds!

Love healing hearts,

Shirah Chante

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