Relationship Education Schools

Transform Totally Academy is the teacher in me longing to deliver quality education to teenagers. I desire to give middle, high school, and college students a WHOLE education. See, the academics are very important in learning. In fact, most of the focus is placed here, and I believe that is warranted. However, we shouldn’t neglect the other aspects of gaining a well-rounded education, arts, social skills, and relationship building. Transform Totally Academy bridges the divide between academics, the arts, and relationships, creating a holistic educational experience. Let’s face it, people are important. We need people to help us survive and thrive in life, especially teens. Music, poetry, creative writing and paintings are the bread and butter on the side of the steak and potatoes, adding that delicious flare of whimsical calling that creates an above average school environment, an academic culture of avant-garde excellence, and a school that’s not afraid to follow the rules while creating new relevant paradigms. Join me on the journey to teaching your teen how to stay on task while deepening relationships and being inspired by beautiful works of art.




University of Palisades is a School of Relationship Education that seeks to promote healthy dating, happy marriages, and whole families. We women are seldom taught how to have successful relationships in school. At home, if we’re lucky, we grew up in a family that showed us a healthy demonstration of what a family should be. However, many of us grew up in brokenness, dysfunction, and even abuse. This is the battle University of Palisades is sent to face, the uprisal of the lack of proper relationship training for both single and married women with or without children. The establishment of right relationships opens up an entire field of destiny filling, marriage building, divorce destroying empowered women. If you want to have a stable, strong, and successful relationship, you are in the right place. Join me as I help married minded women who struggle to be healthy, happy, and whole in love heal broken relationships, reach their dream relationship, and create healthy, growing relationships by learning to love again. Are you ready to create your ideal relationship?