I wrote my first song as a 10 year old girl called “I Still Love Him, Love him Not.” I picked up my first guitar at 12 years old and began to play naturally. The chords just seemed to flow from my fingers to the instrument. I started writing songs on guitar in the year 2000 when God called me to sing. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was listening to a song by an artist named Tori Amos when I heard in my spirit, “You’re going to sing for me.” Out of shock I asked, “What did you say?” The Lord repeated, “You’re going to sing for me.” I thought, well, I better go out and buy a guitar and learn how to play it so that I can play the songs the Lord gives me to sing. I was living in Rochester, New York at the time attending college at Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School. I went to the nearest music store and found a guitar for $99.00 and bought it. I later gave that guitar to a fifth grade student of mine (when I was a school teacher) who played guitar at his church. I went online to find out how to play guitar. I started writing song after song after song. Many of those songs I still sing today like the first song in the playlist below Prostitute. The songs in this playlist were recorded from 2012-2015. I am in the process of recording an album. I am so ready to have a record, it’s going to be sweet. Until then, enjoy these songs…

Love healing hearts, Shirah Chante

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