Lovemaking dreams, Make me weep and cry out loud, For pure ecstasy’s peak. The usual bleakness of the air, Never seemed so clear, As the twirls of release disappear. Oblivion sublimates the two. Perfect for internal resignation of the soul. Eternally uplifted, Sheer precedence in a crowd of unrest. Yes, happiness persists. At Audubon’s Hotel is extreme affection. Popularity exists, even at humble feelings blessed. My soul is happiness considered righteousness. Not forgetting beauty inherently possessed. Examine carefully for Lofty’s request. Wholeness of humanity will merely experience. Highness of character naturally expressed. Now, I accept honest quests of unity of body and heart. Faith has an ultimate part. The heart’s desirous wants of wholeness, And survival of one’s soul. Love for another enraptured by Thee makes me whole. Should the heart open free? Faith allows words to flow openly. Underneath false knowledge open to grief imaginary. So enraptured freely of inquest.

Love healing hearts,

Shirah Chante

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