Win This New Year

At first I was a little shocked and somewhat disappointed when NBA basketball player Kevin Durant left OKC for Golden State Warriors. I thought, ‘Where’s the loyalty?” I also thought they could have won a championship with the team they had with perhaps a few tweaks in team roles.

At the same time, I knew that Kevin wanted a championship and he was making a strategic career decision that would manifest his dream. Of course, Golden State Warriors had a phenomenal team before Kevin Durant joined, but they lost the 2017 championship against Cleveland Cavaliers.

Golden State needed to make a strategic decision who was Keven Durant. Golden State’s plan worked and they recaptured the NBA championship in 2017.

Why am I mentioning this basketball trade back in 2016? You can take this same strategy Golden State used to win the NBA 2017 championship to use in your own life relationships.

Who do you need to add to your circle to make a lasting impression on accomplishing good in your life? Better yet, who do you need to remove that is not akin to your relationship success?

Think about it. It’s not about being mean or judgmental, but honest, resourceful and smart!

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Love healing hearts, Shirah Chante

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