Ebb and Flow

When you watch the ocean tide,

Notice the swelling rise,

Then fall back as if to hide,

Only to come again and rise.

Life is such ebb and flow,

Life is such come and go.

And mystical things

Suffer tides to bring.


The cold waves

My body


And ovulates.

To the sound,

From the ground .


To the sky,

Of ocean tides.


I feel the sea,

Deep within me.

I feel the gel,

Where the heavenly dwell.

I never want to leave

This peace.


The Spirit

Takes me

To the sea,

So I can see,

Life’s story,

Life’s glory,

Life’s sadness,

Life’s fleet.


Once I see,

I come to Thee,

I rest in peace,

I chant release.

Ebb and flow,

I love your sea,

Of heavenly beings.

Love healing hearts,

Shirah Chante

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