Fair Love Part 3

Why is his voice so sweet to me? I can see uncertainty? Not my fair love, and he is surpassing fair. I should dare please him not, Lest spouts of laughter discerned entertain him. He is a knight, Gentle and fair. He is a love, Always to share, Blessings of faith, And joyous despair. Sweetness of sound, Turns to deny, Freedom of love, And openness to shy. Restraint is honored, For the first time. True sun loves endlessly, Noticing no slights less than divinity. Attachment is ultimately most fair. Presence alone delivers sound care. Passion only stands For lovers in France, Now can passion advance. Fare thee well, my fair love, For spouts of confident denial, Am I most happy by discerning trial. Fair love, come to me, And belong always. Fair love, come with me, Let us play for days. Days go by, And nights do you bring joy, Fulfilling of mood. Chills descend my body. Let me love, Farther than friends. Making love, Let us love, Again and again. Our fair love exceeds normal bounds Of rapture unsound. What is normal of a love so great! I will not hesitate. Chastity will deliver us. For here we do stand, Planted in soil, Very grand!

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