Gaining Forgiveness

What keeps me from taking responsibility for my life?

When something goes wrong, why do I immediately want to look outside myself to see whose fault it is, who caused the problem? Surely, it wasn’t my fault!

I think I have successfully learned how to deceive myself into believing I am perfect. Yes, that’s it. That’s why nothing’s my fault, because I am perfect, of course.

Have you ever felt this way? Are you still harboring unforgiveness for a wrong done to you way back when you were 16?

Well, I encourage you to take a long look inside your own heart. Think about what you did to cause that situation. What could you have done differently?

In some instances, you were totally sinned against and did not deserve what happened. I understand your hurt. In this case, forgiveness is even more vital to live your life in joy and peace instead of bitterness and grief.

Here’s a prayer for forgiveness that you can say, “Father, forgive my wrongs to others as I have forgiven others their wrongs to me.” This prayer brings to light the power of forgiveness for the benefit of you and those who trespassed against you. This is the prayer Jesus Messiah gave us in the gospels called The Lord’s Prayer.

In the podcast below, I reveal how I gained a forgiveness mentality by learning how to take 100% responsibility.

Love healing hearts, Shirah Chante

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