Opt Out of Sex

Sometimes you just have to opt-out.

You know what I mean, opt out of those annoying emails, that company party honoring the co-worker you don’t like, or that high school play your daughter didn’t get chosen for. There are things we have to let go of that are not serving us well.

One of those things I had to opt out of for my health, sanity and self-esteem was sex outside marriage.It wasn’t serving me any longer to continue to have sex with men who didn’t love me. I didn’t love them. So, what’s the point of this? Having sex to no avail.

I’m guessing you’re a little bit like me. You really want to have a long lasting love relationship with someone you love and who really loves you. Am I right? Well, that takes a lot more than just the occasional sex night.

In the podcast below, I challenge teens to stop having sex with their boyfriend or girlfriend because it’s probably not going to lead them to a place they want to go. I think this is a good challenge for all ages.

Tell me what you think.

Love healing hearts, Shirah Chante


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